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Open the Action Center (bottom right corner of the Windows 10 desktop) Click on Project (If you don't see this option, you may first have to expand to view all the options, depending on your screen size) Click on Connect to a wireless display Select your desired wireless displa I have an HDMI TV and a Lenovo Windows 10 laptop with an HDMI port. If we connect these two with an HDMI cable, will that support Screen Mirroring without additional hardware. I haven't tested the lan connection, but following guide can help to configure via other connection. https://www.intertech.com/Blog/windows-10-tips-streaming-and-cast-to-device

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Windows 10 includes a screen mirroring feature known as Project to this PC, which uses the Miracast standard to seamlessly project the contents of the screen to another computer (or supported.. Ihr müsst lediglich den passenden HDMI-Kanal eures Fernsehers via Fernbedienung ansteuern und solltet dann ein hochauflösendes Bild eures PCs auf dem TV-Screen inklusive Audioübertragung vorfinden

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Run an ethernet cable from one location to another, and just plug your vga cable in to it on each side. We don't do anything HD though. http://www.startech.com/AV/Extenders/VGA/VGA-over-Cat5-Extender-ST121-Series~ST121UTP. Could buy both the HDMI one above and this and just run 2 ethernet cables. Or just the VGA to HDMI adapter mentioned above Having just installed windows 10 successfully and have linked my PC with a local smart TV via an HDMI cable, I would now like to achieve the same to another remote smart TV which is also on the network. I can see the video files on the PC from the TV BUT I cannot yet transmit from the PC via ethernet as I am able to do via a direct HDMI cable. Both TVs are visible on the network and have their network addresses. What else do I need to do to achieve this without running an enormous. Now go back to the receiver computer and click on ' Yes ' to allow the connection. You may be prompted to enter the PIN displayed on the receiver computer. Once the connection has been. Screen Mirroring ist eine Möglichkeit, den Inhalt von Smartphone oder Tablet direkt auf einen Fernseher zu senden. Smartphones und Fernseher bauen eine direkte Verbindung auf. Screen Mirroring ist eigentlich nur die Bezeichnung von Samsung. LG, Philips und Panasonic nennen es Miracast, Sony hingegen nennt es Bildschirm spiegeln

Here's how to mirror another screen or project to your PC: Select Start > Settings > System > Projecting to this PC. Under Add the Wireless Display optional feature to project this PC, select Optional features. Select Add a feature, then enter wireless display Screen Share over wired LAN?? Elgee Member. September 2019 in Other TVs. 3.6K . 6 | Copy Link . From my Windows 10 PC I can Connect (Windows Action Center command) and share (or cast) the screen to my LG Smart TV, presumably using Miracast by wireless. (Although, perversely, the PC claims that Miracast is disabled...). However, if both PC and TV are connected via my wired (Ethernet) home. Bei mir hat es geholfen, das Tablet vorher von allen Wlan-Netzwerken zu trennen und dann das Screen Mirroring zu verbinden. Danach das Tablet wieder in das Wlan einloggen und los gehts. Übrigens funktioniert es seit der erstmaligen Herstellung nach dem Windowsupdate wieder wie es soll ohne vorher trennen zu müssen. Viel Erfol

Screen Mirroring ist in der Welt der vernetzten Geräte eine einfache und schnelle Möglichkeit, verschiedenste Inhalte von Deinem Android-Smartphone auf Deinen Fernseher zu projizieren. Wir zeigen Dir, wie's funktioniert: Besonders für Samsung Geräte ist die Projektion dank Smart View schon länger unkompliziert. Falls Du jedoch ein anderes Android-Smartphone besitzt, gibt es auch dafür. Screen mirroring is not a feature of Apple® devices. Use the Wi-Fi Direct® or Apple AirPlay® features, depending on the TV model. General information about connecting a computer to a TV using wired connections (HDMI, RGB) is also available. The computer and TV must support the Miracast feature Here is how you make screen mirroring Windows 10. Open the action center by clicking the speech bubble icon on the lower part of the screen. Click Connect and then choose the receiver device. Note that you need to wait for a moment until the computer detects it

If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to. How to Mirror Your Windows 10 Screen to Another Windows 10 Device. Here's how to broadcast your screen from the sending device, if it's a Windows 10 computer. Android devices have different. ich habe ein Problem mit der Verbindung zwischen Notebook und TV über Screen Mirroring. Wlan Intel 8260 und Samsung TV F6500 unterstützten beide Widi. Das Notebook findet den TV und ich versuche zu verbinden. Danach erscheint Videodatei nicht unterstützt Ich möchte den TV als zweiten Monitor nutzen bzw zum Klonen des ersten Screen Mirroring over Internet allows you to easily share your computer screen over distance with remote friends, family and co-workers. If you have multiple screens atttached to your computer, you can choose which screen is mirrored. laptop_chromebookdesktop_windowslaptop_mac. 1. Start the Desktop App. Open the Desktop App in a Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera) on your Windows PC.

How to Wirelessly Mirror a Mac Laptop Screen to a TV . Apple notebook computers, called MacBooks, have a feature called AirPlay. If your television supports AirPlay, then wirelessly mirroring your screen to your TV can be accomplished in two ways. Wirelessly Mirror a MacBook Using Settings . Depending on how you have AirPlay set up on your MacBook, you may need to go through Settings to mirror. This video shows how to mirror or screen your laptop on to you Sony Bravia TV via Wi Fi. I am sure a lot of people ( esp IT folks ) work with 2 screens and t..

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Screen mirroring quality is mainly based on your network's performance, and Airtame 2 supports both WiFi and Ethernet. Generally speaking, Airtame 2 is not very bandwidth hungry, as our optimized streaming uses only very little bandwidth Screen Stream Mirroring ist die leistungsstärkste App zum Übertragen Ihres Android-Bildschirms und -Tons in Echtzeit! Sie können Ihren Bildschirm mit einem beliebigen Gerät oder PC im selben Netzwerk live teilen ganz wie einen doppelten Bildschirm. Dazu nutzen Sie einen Mediaplayer, Webbrowser, Chromecast und UPnP/DLNA-Geräte (Smart-TV oder andere kompatible Geräte)

Screen Mirroring: Mit Hilfe von komplizierten zu bedienden Apps lässt sich auch kabellos über WLAN das Bild vom Laptop Display auf dem Fernseher spiegeln. Das ist zumeist sehr kompliziert und funktioniert in den seltensten Fällen. Allein Apple hat mit der Apple TV Box eine Hardware im Angebot, mit der sich das Macbook Display gut spiegeln lässt AirServer can transform a simple big screen or a projector into a universal screen mirroring receiver. With AirServer enabled on your big screen, users can use their own devices such as a Mac or PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, Nexus or Chromebook to wirelessly mirror their display over to the big screen, instantly turning the room into a collaborative space Indirect screen mirroring: which in turn passes the mirrored content to an LG TV via an HDMI connection. To use an iPhone with Chromecast, the iPhone needs to be running iOS 6 or higher. Screen Mirroring From PC to an LG Smart TV . In addition to smartphones, you can also mirror a PC or laptop to an LG TV using the Screen Share App. Open the Screen Share app on your LG TV. On your PC, go.

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Mirroring your PC's display on your TV is actually pretty simple. There are several ways to get it done—both wired and wireless—and which you choose just depends on your situation. The wired methods of mirroring your display are the most reliable, although you'll need an HDMI cable and possibly an adapter for your computer. Wireless methods can work well, too—they just aren't perfect. You may notice a bit of lag and sometimes a less-than-perfectly-crisp display Miracast ist ein Peer-to-Peer-Funk-Screencast-Standard, der 2012 von der Wi-Fi Alliance definiert wurde. Er wird als offener Standard gegenüber Apples AirPlay, Samsungs Screen Mirroring und Intels Wireless Display (WiDi) angesehen, obwohl die Spezifikationen des Standards den Entwicklern nur nach der Bezahlung eines hohen Geldbetrages zur Verfügung gestellt werden Ich hatte zwar mit meinem Samsung Galaxy S5 über Quick Connect und Auswahl des Samsung Smart Tv und dann Screen Mirroring eine Bildschirm Spiegelung aufbauen können.Das in der Beschreibung auf der Seite von Samsung. dargestellte Symbol für Screen Mirroring wird auf dem TV nicht angezeigt Monitors AnyWhere uses a HDMI over LAN technology to create a new and advanced platform in the digital signage field. Our products include VGA extenders, LCD signage display and electronic sign software! VGA over LAN, HDMI over LAN, zero clients, multi monitor digital signag

LetsView - Mirror Laptop to TV Wirelessly. LetsView is a free screen mirroring tool and it is definitely of big help to mirror your laptop on your TV when you are discussing or displaying a presentation to a bigger crowd like in a class or in a meeting. Also, it maintains its screen quality even if it's mirrored on a TV. To learn how to. Starten Sie Samsung AllShare und schalten Sie Ihren Smart TV an. Wichtig hierbei ist, dass sowohl der Smart TV als auch Ihr Computer über LAN oder WLAN mit dem Internet über das gleiche Netzwerk verbunden sind. Es öffnet sich automatisch ein Assistent, welchen Sie lediglich beim ersten Start zur Einrichtung benötigen. Klicken Sie stets auf Weiter, bis Sie bei Schritt 4 angelangt sind. Hier sollte nun Ihr Fernseher angezeigt werden. Wählen Sie diesen aus und klicken Sie auf Verbinden. If you would prefer it to mirror your primary display, you can set this in Windows' screen resolution settings - or you can simply press Win+P to bring up a quick set of Second Screen options Make sure your screen receiver is set up and connected to Wi-Fi. Your receiver display must be connected to the same wireless network as your computer to use Miracast's screen mirroring feature. If you're not sure how to connect your computer to a wireless network, you can look it up for Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 here Der TV ist halt bloß WLAN-Ready, und braucht eben diesen Dongle um über WLAN in mein Netzwerk zu kommen. Habs schon auf jede Art und Weiße gegoogelt, aber eine klare Antwort, ob das Screen Mirroring überhaupt per LAN funktioniert habe ich nicht bekommen..

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  1. Method -3 Cast Android Screen over laptop using screen mirroring supported apps. Some screen mirroring app for PC like Airdroid, ApowerMirror, Mobizen, Reflector, Letsview also supports to screen mirror android to PC. These apps having options to view phone screen on pc via USB or Wi-Fi. To enable USB interface, you may require enabling USB.
  2. Fire TV Stick: Mit Screen Mirroring Ihren Android Bildschirm übertragen. Nutzen Sie ein Android Gerät, egal ob Smartphone oder Tablet, können Sie diese Funktion nutzen. Voraussetzung für die Übertragung Ihres Bildschirmes ist Android OS 4.2 oder höher . Stellen Sie zunächst sicher, dass Ihr Android-Gerät mit dem gleichen WLAN wie Ihr Fire TV Stick.
  3. Mirror your device to any computer screen. Mirror from iPads, iPhones, Chromebooks, Android phones, Android tablets, PCs, and Macs; Install Mirroring360 application on your Windows or Mac computer; Start Mirroring from devices: From iOS devices & Macs turn on AirPlay + Mirroring; From Android devices, install Mirroring360 Sender here; From Chromebooks or PC Install Chromebook app here * Setup.
  4. Hinweis: Berücksichtige, dass es zu einer Verzögerung der Darstellung kommen kann, wenn du Screen Mirroring für Spiele nutzt. Bei schnellen Spielen solltest du das Geschehen daher weiterhin direkt auf dem Smartphone/Tablet verfolgen. Die hier beschriebenen Vorgehensweisen sowie die Abbildungen können je nach verwendetem Mobilgerät und aufgespielter Software (Android Version) variieren
  5. Am TV den Button Source betätigen und die Option Screen Mirroring auswählen. Am Laptop wählen Sie den Punkt Geräte - Projezieren und den Punkt Wireless Display hinzufügen Die Suche nach erreichbaren Geräten wird nun gestartet und nach kurzer Zeit sollte der Samsung Smart TV auf dem Laptop angezeigt werden. Samsung TV am Laptop auswählen. Der Smart TV zeigt.
  6. To set up mirroring on your Firestick, follow these instructions: On the main page, hold down the Home button on your remote. This will bring up options for Sleep, Mirroring, and Settings

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In theory, mirroring is essentially a wireless HDMI cable that will show a replica of your devices screen, up on the big TV. The main technology for mirroring is called Miracast and it was. The Screen Mirroring button within the Control Center of your iOS device lets you do exactly that: duplicate the entire screen of your iOS device to a TV or projector via AirPlay. With Airtame, you can use AirPlay to mirror the screen of your MacBook or use your TV or projector as an extended desktop. Without running or installing any additional software For screen mirroring iPhone to Mac using Reflector, you need to follow the steps as provided below. Step 1: Turn on the Reflector application and ensure that the devices are connected through the same network connection. Step 2: Swipe on your phone to open the Control Center. Following this, select the option of AirPlay/Screen Mirroring to lead to another window. Step 3: Select the Mac out of the list to successfully mirror your iPhone X to Mac For connecting your phone with the PC, you need to open it up and swipe up your finger to open its Control Center. Tap on the option of Screen Monitoring and select the option constituting Zoom in the list provided. The phone will then be successfully mirrored onto the PC screen via Zoom. Share Screen with a Wired Connectio

When you're ready to begin, here's how to mirror your screen with Windows 10. Set up your Miracast receiver. Plug your Miracast receiver into your TV and a power source, then select the. Screen Mirroring, oder Smart View für neuere Modelle, ermöglicht es dir, ausgewählte Galaxy Smartphones und Tablets beispielsweise als zweiten TV-Bildschirm zu nutzen, Inhalte des Mobilgeräts auf dem Fernseher wiederzugeben oder umgekehrt. Schau dir dazu unser Hilfevideo an oder scrolle nach unten für detaillierte Informationen The feature is dubbed screen mirroring and the option is built into Windows 10 provided you meet the hardware requirements to pull the feat off. 1. Make sure that your laptop is equipped with a WiDi capable wireless adapter. If your laptop has wireless capabilities but is devoid of WiDi, you could either look into swapping out the wireless adapter to one with WiDi onboard or you can look into. To mirror your Windows 10 screen to another device, a very good internet connection is required, and the entire setup consumes a lot of data. When you're working over a LAN, if you have a fast enough Wi-Fi connection or a wired connection, it's easy, you can easily mirror your PC's screen, or even use a different computer for control I'd like to share/clone my laptops screen on a big screen via ethernet/wifi and a RPi. The big screen would be connected to the RPi via HDMI , while all other devices connect to the RPi via ethernet/wifi and can then share their screen

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Aktiviere das Screen Mirroring auf deinem Handy und dem Fernseher; Dein Handy wird dir nun die für das Mirroring verfügbaren Geräte anzeigen. Wähle deinen Fernseher aus. Bestätige die Verbindung ggf. durch einen eigenen Verbindungscode. Der Bildschirm des Smartphones wird nun auf dem Fernseher dargestellt. Alternativ: Miracast - Verbindung via WLAN. Wenn die Funktion deines Smartphones. Mirroring means putting the same content on both your laptop's screen and the TV. It's more common and generally easier than screen extending -- where you see different content on both, making the. Mit der Funktion Screen Mirroring kannst du deine Smartphone-Inhalte auf einen Fernseher übertragen und den Bildschirm sozusagen spiegeln. Dabei wird eine direkte Verbindung zwischen dem Smartphone und dem Fernseher hergestellt. Ursprünglich stammt die Bezeichnung Screen Mirroring aus dem Hause Samsung. Bei LG, Philips und Panasonic findest du die Funktion unter dem Namen. Allerdings klappt die Übertragung von Bild und Ton via AirPlay eben nur über die Apple-TV-Box. Musik können Sie zudem per AirPlay an immer mehr HiFi- und Heimkinogeräte schicken. Vor allem te Mirror phone screen to PC via Wi-Fi. Connect your phone to the same Wi-Fi network or LAN with your PC. Run Total Control on your mobile phone, switch from the USB connection tab to the Wi-Fi connection tab from its home screen. The IP address will be displayed in Total Control on the phone. In the PC client, switch to the WiFi connection tab, then you can input the IP address to connect. The.

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  1. Screen Mirroring extrem Lag Von meinem Windows 10 Notebook eine Desktoperweiterung auf den X8509C ist ansich kein Problem. Verbindung herstellen und ein paar Sekunden später habe ich auf dem TV einen 2. Windows Desktop samt Hintergrundbild. Aber: Das lagt extrem. Ja, ich weiß; sind nur 30Hz, aber das ist es nicht. Schiebe ich ein Fenster rüber dauert es bestimmt 20 sekunden, bis es auf dem.
  2. 3 besten Screen Mirroring Apps für Android ApowerMirror Join.me Screen Stream Mirroring ApowerMirror - Ihr Smartphone spiegeln und steuern. Wenn Sie ein professionelles Tool nutzen möchten, können Sie das Programm ApowerMirror benutzen. Dieses Programm ist mit Android als auch iOS Geräten kompatibel. Sie können Ihr Gerät via USB Kabel- oder WLAN-Verbindung mit dem PC verbinden. Stellen.
  3. In this post, I'll be showing you How to Mirror Android Screen on PC over WiFi or Mirror iPhone to PC/Mac. It is the very simple tweak or trick mainly but most of the websites show how to do the same thing but only in android. Don't worry today I'm going to show you the simplest way to mirror your android as well as iPhone to your computer whether it's Windows PC or Mac PC. Just.
  4. This however is not going to mirror your screen, it will only play and control the individual content from your LG TV. Other alternatives to mirror your screen: Share using Chromecast . Chromecast is the wireless technology developed by Google that can be used to watch content wirelessly from your iPhone with any LG Smart TV. Chromecast allows you to send video, audio and pictures and.
  5. Select Screen mirroring in the Apps category. NOTE: Make sure that the Built-in Wi-Fi option on the TV is set to On. For TV models other than Android TVs: Press the INPUT button on the remote. Select Screen mirroring; On the computer: Set the Wi-Fi setting of a compatible computer to On. Click the Start button, and in the Start menu, click Settings. NOTE: The Windows Logo + I key combination.
  6. Möchten Sie Ihren Laptop oder Rechner mit dem Google Chromecast verbinden, dann brauchen Sie dazu nicht mehr als den aktuellen Google Chrome Browser. Datum: 12.08.2020. So verbinden Sie Ihren Laptop mit Google Chromecast. Neben iOS- und Android-Geräten können Sie auch Ihren Laptop oder Rechner mit dem Google Chromecast koppeln. Dafür benötigen Sie die aktuelle Version des Browsers Google.
  7. Use Screen Mirroring to see the entire screen of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch on your Apple TV or AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV. Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV or AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV. Open Control Center: On iPhone X or later or iPad with iPadOS 13 or later: Swipe down from the upper-right corner of the screen. On iPhone 8 or.
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Screen Mirroring von PC(Lan) zu TV(W-Lan) möglich? Also folgendes: Ich habe meinen PC per Lankabel am Router hängen und meinen Smart-TV über W-Lan verbunden. Unter Devices finde ich den TV auch am PC, kann jedoch nur auf Gerät entfernen klicken. (yeah) Versuche ich über das Info-Center auf verbinden zu gehen wird mir gesagt, dass mein Gerät kein Miracast unterstützt sodass keine. Most screen-mirroring protocols are not cross-compatible, so if you don't buy the appropriate receiver, you could find yourself staring down a $50 paperweight. Just bear in mind that when it. When to use screen mirroring without Wi-Fi. Maybe you have Wi-Fi, but for some reason you'd rather not use it when screen mirroring. Or, maybe your Wi-Fi connection is being spotty, but you still want to screen mirror from your device. Screen mirroring is great for in-person settings. There are other technologies that allow you to display one.

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To stop screen mirroring, you just need to swipe up the Control Center again and click on Stop Mirroring option. How to Record iPhone Screen Natively. As you might already know, iOS 11 operating system lets you add as well as organize toggles in the Control Center. In case you are running the iOS developer beta, as released by Apple recently, then you will come across the capability of. Screen Mirroring means to mirror your Android device's on the TV screen. Well, this lets you control your smartphone directly from your TV screen or your PC. Suppose you're working on your laptop or PC and you have your phone connected to it. You might have two devices at the same time, but in reality, you have to use each of them independently Now you have to Share your phone sound to PC or Computer using Bluetooth that means if you are using any laptop then you have to connect your mobile phone over Wi-Fi with Apowermirror software which will help you to mirror your android screen and over Bluetooth connectivity you can easily steam your internal audio to your Laptop when both connections have done then you can easily record your.

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That's where screen mirroring for your iPhone or iPad comes into the picture. It's a feature on your iOS device that allows you to mirror the screen of your iPhone or iPad to a large TV, computer monitor, or laptop. You don't need any physical equipment to use it and the following guide shows how you can do it Screen Mirroring iPhone to Samsung TV - ApowerMirror. If the above ways don't work for your Samsung screen mirroring iPhone, you can use ApowerMirror. It is a great screen mirroring app that lets you display your iPhone screen to your TV in an easy way. It comes quite in handy when it comes to streaming movies, photos, playing games and.

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The Ubuntu system and Samsung Smart TV are LAN connected to the same network. The Ubuntu system is a Best Miracast and Screen-Mirroring Devices 2018; How to Mirror PC to TV; networking multiple-monitors display samsung. Share. Improve this question. Follow edited Oct 17 '18 at 2:35. Sun Bear. asked Oct 16 '18 at 12:01. Sun Bear Sun Bear. 1,066 1 1 gold badge 11 11 silver badges 34 34. Vysor is a highly useful screen-mirroring app for Android and PC - it allows you to view and control your Android screen from your PC over ADB connection. This is highly useful for multitaskers or for people who regularly push/pull files between devices, and also people who create apps or widgets and want to edit the apps on their phone. There's really a ton of uses for screen mirroring.

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Use Mirroring360 TM to wirelessly mirror & record your Chromebook, iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac screens to your PC or Mac without the need for hardware or cables. With new Mirroring360 Pro, you can also broadcast your computer screen to up to 40 participants and they can view on their devices with a simple web link. Mirroring360 is also iOS 13 ready A wireless screen-mirroring application Mirror your phone, tablet or computer to the big screen without wires or complicated setups. Mirroring360. Download. 2.7 on 26 votes . Use Mirroring360 to wirelessly mirror & record your Chromebook, iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac screens without the need for hardware or cables. AMD Screen Mirror. Download. 3.5 on 65 votes . AMD Screen Mirror is. Using TOSHIBA Screen Mirroring, you can output the same screen of your Android phone onto your PC as well as display it as a second screen of your Windows PC using Miracast technology. With TOSHIBA Screen Mirroring, you can enjoy the content of an Android Phone/Windows PC on your PC monitor, and transfer files between an Android (source) and a. Sie streamen gerne Filme und Serien, doch die Bildschirme von Laptop, Smartphone und Tablet sind Ihnen zu klein? Dann verbinden Sie die Geräte doch einfach mit Ihrem Fernseher. So geht es Know How To Cast Your Android Phone on Your PC via Screen Mirroring. Share This Post. Nowadays smartphones with Android OS are quite a popular choice amongst many. However, no matter how good the Android device seems to be, the small screen of your Android smartphone might affect your visual experience of maybe watching your favourite movie, videos or making video call, etc. Nevertheless, the.

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Download Screen Mirror apk 1.6.3 for Android. Screen mirroring to a browser over WiFi (tethering supported) - second screen If you're currently struggling with the same issue when trying to establish a screen mirroring issue to Roku, this article will provide you with several troubleshooting guides that should help you solve the problem. Down below, you'll find a collection of methods that other users in a similar situation have successfully used to get to the bottom of this issue Share your screen on a Smart TV, Mac, PC, Laptop, Gaming Console, Smartphone or Tablet. The Screen Mirroring App can connect to any Web Browser and cast your screen with zero delay in HD quality. Screen Mirroring over DLS / Cable / Internet is supported by Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge and the newest Smart TVs. This is the easiest and most powerful screen sharing tool. Share your photos. AirPlay mirroring is able to mirror iPhone, iPad or Mac content to a big screen, such as the Apple TV. You may wonder if we can mirror movies to a smart TV without an Apple TV. Of course, you can. If you want to watch your iPhone or iPad on a big screen, you don't need have to buy an Apple TV. In this article, we are discussing how to use AirPlay mirroring without an Apple TV

If the screen is locked, you'll also be casting the locked screen to your TV. How to set up Note10 Plus screen mirroring. Setting up screen mirroring is really very straightforward. All you have. You can now mirror your desktop or laptop screen from your Mac system to an Apple TV using Airplay. This allows you to watch anything on your Apple TV that you could watch on your Mac. Tools You'll Need: A Mac and Apple TV connected to the same networ Fortunately, there is no shortage of screen mirroring tools on the internet. But, using the right one makes a quite big difference. That's why we recommended you to use one of the following screen mirroring tools to AirPlay from PC or laptop to Apple TV. Method 1. Stream from PC to Apple TV via AirParro Generally speaking; To mirror a Windows PC; - Use the Chrome browser Cast extension; there's an option to mirror the entire PC instead of just a tab. To mirror from an Android 5.0+ device; - Nexus phones and other select models will see your Shield TV it in a Cast section of the quick settings drawer and/or in the Display settings. - Alternatively, you should see an option to Cast screen in. Tap on Screen Mirroring. Note: Look for the text on AirPlay Mirroring on older models like iPhone 5. Select the screen you want to cast iPhone from Screen Mirroring Window. From the list of devices shown on your iPhone, tap the name of the device that starts with 5KPlayer to mirror your iPhone screen on the Windows PC. That's it. Now.

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