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Breaking News: My friend Agatha from Oak Island Nova Scotia found the mysterious money pit or parts of it in a very old log cabin down under in some kind of. Breaking News: My friend John who was born in Oak Island in 1961 spend his whole life looking for that mysterious lost treasure did he find the money pit wow.. Secondly, Oak Island historian, Doug Crowell, found an old map which appeared to show the Money Pit at ten feet to the west of the Tupper Shaft, which, of course, just happened to be the only place.. Breaking News: My friend John from Oak Island found a mysterious Key to open a treasure box in the money pit and he also found a diamond rock so cool. Music Music.

Oak Island Treasure Found January 17, 2020 The Money Pit

In the uplands, between Smith's Cove and the money pit, excavation in search of flood tunnels uncovers a wooden structure 15 ft (5 m) down. In a large log in.. Despite drilling into a collection of treasure chests full of gold coins during the early 21st century, the Truro company were unable to retrieve it. As a result, the hole where the gold was found would be known as The Money Pit. The Infamous Money Pit The pit had built up a pool of water over time List of Oak Island Updates 2020. 1. There are tunnels that lead water from swamp swamp to money pit 2. Similar trenches were discovered in the Louisburg Fortress of Canada, which was one of the French military's focus areas on the American continent. 3. The canals were probably built with knowledge of Freemasonry on the Templars Early building The Money Pit for the Oak Island treasure may have been crafted by Sir Francis Drake, the Laginas' team speculated considering Drake was capable of such an idea. Any Money in the 'Money Pit'? By the word 'Mystery' in the so-called Mystery of Oak Island, it means the mystery of the Money Pit. The 'Curse' is also connected Sechs Menschen starben bislang bei den zahlreichen Expeditionen - doch der Mythos um Oak Island besagt, dass sieben Menschen sterben müssen, bis der Schatz gefunden wird

Aerial shot showing the location of the Money Pit on Oak Island, NS. Causeway connecting it to the mainland was constructed in 1965 Oak Island is in Nova Scotia, and the mystery in question is a legend that there's big treasure buried there. Since the 19th century, explorers have tried to locate the loot. And some interesting..

The Oak Island Mystery refers to stories of buried treasure and unexplained objects found on or near Oak Island in Nova Scotia.Since the 18th century, a number of attempts have been made to locate treasure and artifacts. Theories about artifacts present on the island range from pirate treasure, to Shakespearean manuscripts, to possibly the Holy Grail or the Ark of the Covenant, with the Grail. Despite drilling into a collection of treasure chests full of gold coins during the early 21st century, the Truro company were unable to retrieve it. As a result, the hole where the gold was found would be known as The Money Pit. The pit had built up a pool of water over time. The Oak Island Association tried to drain the water a few years later The Oak Island Money Pit At the heart of the Oak Island mystery is the original pit first discovered by Daniel McInnis, John Smith, and Anthony Vaughn in the summer of 1795. Soon and forever after known as the Money Pit

The Oak Island Money Pit in Nova Scotia, shrouded in mystery for hundreds of years VIDEOS Was the Curse of Oak Island treasure found New promises tease big The Curse of Oak Island Review of 'Hyde Park & Seek' Spoilers 'Of Sticks Oak island treasure update 2020 spoiler There are also reports of stones found, either in the Money Pit or elsewhere on the island, bearing various inscriptions, most commonly Forty feet below, 2 million pounds are buried or something to that effect The search for the famous Oak Island, Money Pit Treasure began in 1795. While exploring, three young men found evidence of buried treasure on Oak Island, in the waters of Mahone Bay, on Nova Scotia's South Shore. Today the exciting search continues Oak Island (deutsch Eicheninsel) ist eine von etwa 350 Inseln in der Mahone Bay an der Ostküste von Nova Scotia in Kanada. Die Insel erlangte durch einen dort vermuteten Schatz größere Bekanntheit, der seit Ende des achtzehnten Jahrhunderts zahlreiche Schatzsucher anzog. Geographie. Luftaufnahme der Grabungsstelle im Jahr 1931. Oak Island hat eine Gesamtfläche von 0,57 km². Die.

Inscribed (90 foot) Stone - Oak Island Money Pit Mystery Inscribed (90 foot) Stone Reports of the size of the stone found in 1804 somewhere between the 80-90' level in the Pit varied to between 2-3' long by 12-16 wide. It was said to resemble dark Swedish granite and to have an olive tinge, and was not a stone common to the area The Curse of Oak Island's Rick and Marty Lagina and trucks this week. Pic: Karen Publicover. Massive news for The Curse of Oak Island fans — a huge dig is currently under way at the Money Pit. The Oak Island money pit is an excavation on a small Canadian island off the coast of Nova Scotia that has been the object of attention of treasure hunters since 1795. As the name suggests, their efforts to date have not produced anything of value. The pit has been repeatedly re-filled and re-excavated Who Found McGinnis, Smith & Vaughan When Found 1795 Where Found Money Pit to Joudrey's Cove shore near large boulder and possible remnants of Stone Wharf or to west end of Island British Colonist article dated Jan 2, 1864 they found that the remains of a tolerably well made road from it to the west shore of the island were still discernabl In 1878, a farmer was plowing Oak Island just 120 yards away from the Money Pit when suddenly her oxen actually broke through the ground, into a 12 foot deep sinkhole above a small natural limestone cavern. 75 years later, just across the bay, workers digging a well encountered a layer of flagstone at two feet, and as they dug to a depth of 85 feet, they encountered occasional layers of spruce.

Metal pieces found in the Money Pit. Photo by Robert Frame with kind permission of the Oak Island Toursim Society. The heart shaped stone measures approximately 10 inces wide and appears to have ben fashioned by human hand in places. Photo with kind permission of Ken and Jan Pineo. This piece of parchment was recovered from the Oak Island Money Pit during excavations. At 46 metres, the drill. Who Owns the Oak Island Money Pit? According to the Oak Island Society, an ownership group consisting of the Lagina brothers and some partners own 78 percent of Oak Island, including the Money Pit... At the money pit, Aitken said the geological evidence suggests the roof of the cave collapsed. Centuries of intrigue, turmoil and death: Why treasure hunters can't stay away from Oak Island The team on Oak Island keep getting closer and closer to finding that Money Pit. Pic credit: History. This week on The Curse of Oak Island, the team uncovered an ancient human artifact dated 1492.

The Oak Island Money Pit | Historic Mysteries

Gesucht: Heiliger Gral - oder Wertgleiches Ihrer Sache sicher waren sich die Heerscharen von Schatzjägern, die sich seit dem Fund der Money Pit 1795 ins Erdreich von Oak Island schaufelten,.. One of the two pieces of human bone found on The Curse of Oak Island The second piece of bone, believed to have been found in the original 'Money Pit' Marty Lagina, one of the two brothers at the.. The many stories about the Money Pit have made Oak Island one of the most famous private islands in the world. Coconut fiber, along with logs, stones and charcoal, was found in unearthed layers on Oak Island. The first documented mention of the Money Pit happened over 150 years ago ON THE VERGE of Uncovering the Money Pit. The Curse of Oak Island. March 8 at 7:00 AM ·. Possible evidence of the Money Pit found 90 feet underground! 4.2K4.2K. 571 Comments 181 Shares Here are the top 25 discoveries on the island. 1. The Money Pit. The discovery that started it all. In 1795, 16-year-old Daniel McGuiness went on a fishing expedition to Oak Island. Upon landing, he came across an oak tree with unnatural markings. A depression was also spotted beneath the tree. Along with two friends, he began digging, finding patched logs at regular intervals. They would.

Es gibt Hinweise, dass in den Tiefen des Money Pit ein antikes Buch versteckt ist, das neue Theorien zum Fluch dieser Insel enthält. Der Fund von menschlichen Knochen sorgt indes für einen gewaltigen Schock. Weitere ganze Folgen zur Sendung Die Schatzsucher von Oak Island One ill-fated treasure hunter was Maynard Kaiser. He had discovered a sheein that contained a strange message and then dropped into the island's infamous Money pit. The curse of the island is.. Oak Island. Der Schatz von Oak Island war seit vielen Jahren eine bekannte Geschichte. Im Jahr 1796 fand ein Junge eine geologische Depression im Boden, die der Auslöser für eine Reihe von Expeditionen war. Die Expedition, die das Land um die Depression erkunden sollte, fand unter anderem eine vergrabene Steintafel. Es sollte jedoch noch mehr als ein Jahrhundert dauern, bis ihre Bedeutung. Old Pyrite Mine Theory - Oak Island Money Pit An Old Pyrite Mine This theory draws its basis from fact but then requires a leap... English explorer Martin Frobisher (circa 1535 or 1539 - 1594) is well known for his efforts to find the fabled Northwest Passage Oak Island, die sagenumwobene Insel an der Ostküste von Nova Scotia, Kanada, birgt möglicherweise einen gigantischen Schatz - und ist mit einem alten Fluch belegt. Piraten sollen hier Massen an purem Gold vergraben haben. Die Brüder Rick und Marty Lagina erfüllen sich einen lang gehegten Traum: Sie wollen den Schatz von Oak Island finden

The Oak Island Money Pit is the site of the world's longest running hunt for lost treasure and in 2015, the search continues ! For hundreds of years, treasure hunters have ventured to Nova Scotia, Canada and tried to recover the treasure lies in the Money Pit, protected by a series of ingenious flood traps Oak Island is a 57-hectare (140-acre) privately owned island in Lunenburg County on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada.The tree-covered island is one of about 360 small islands in Mahone Bay and rises to a maximum of 11 metres (36 feet) above sea level. The island is located 200 metres (660 feet) from shore and connected to the mainland by a causeway and gate On S07E22 (Marks X the Spot), following a tip from the ground penetrating radar survey of Samuel Ball's property, the team uncover what they describe as a tunnel, which they speculate may have been related to the hiding of treasure near Ball's house, or perhaps even to the Money Pit itself. Jack Begley of the Oak Island team puzzling over. For those not familiar with the series or the mystery of the island, Oak Island is in Nova Scotia, and legend has it that there's big treasure buried there. This treasure is supposedly in a.. > By most accounts, the story of Oak Island's Money Pit begins in the summer of 1795 when a teenager named Daniel McGinnis saw strange lights on an island offshore from his parent's house

Last week, the team confirmed they had found the Tupper Shaft, which means the Money Pit is just ten feet away. They're just not sure in which direction to look. However, according to the preview,.. One skeptic, Joe Nickell, said that, while he believes the Money Pit itself is a natural sinkhole with no treasure, there's enough evidence to believe that Oak Island has been the site of elaborate Masonic rituals [source: Nickell]. Plenty still believe treasure is to be found under the earth on Oak Island, however. The island has such a.

Artefacts found beneath Oak Island | Oak Island Treasure

Oak Island Treasure Found? February 15, 2021 The Money Pit

The Money Pit of Oak Island is reported to have been discovered in the summer of 1795, when a teenager by the name of Daniel McGinnis came across a circular depression in the ground whilst wandering on the island Oak Island Money Pit. 2,214 likes. Many have grappled with trying to explain the mystery of Oak Island, but none have been able to find out what's at the.. Without a single return, and conflicting theories of what hunters are actually looking for, the so-called Money Pit in Nova Scotia is one of the most incredible self-perpetuating goose chases in.. Franklin D. Roosevelt and friends working the Oak Island Money Pit in 1910. Below is an accounting of the various treasure hunters who tried in vein to discover the mystery of the Oak Island money pit. Drilling For Core Samples (1849-1851) The successors to the Onslow Company's mission were called the Truro Company Oak Island Money Pit. 2,219 likes. Many have grappled with trying to explain the mystery of Oak Island, but none have been able to find out what's at the bottom of the Money Pit

The Curse of Oak Island: Craig Tester announces 'we've

Those hills are the islands of Mahone Bay. It was on one of these - Oak Island - that in 1795 young Daniel McGinnis found a hole. Together with some friends he started digging. According to McGinnis they found a shaft with platforms made of oak logs and coconut mats. That's something Aitken's geology lesson can't explain So if we find the orientation of the shaft 2 tunnel, we should be very, very close to the original Money Pit. That's huge. That's the holy grail of Oak Island. Where's the original Money Pit? So there's still a lot of puzzle pieces you have to fit together. But the puzzle pieces are getting bigger, the picture is getting smaller. It just ramps up the interest. Absolutely. And the hope. Maybe. Artefacts found on Oak Island; The Restalls; Oak Island and the paranormal; The Money Pit (1897 - 1909) Photos of past excavations of Oak Island; Around Oak Island; Aerial photos of Oak Island; Other Mahone Bay islands; Behind the scene's with CBC's Oak Island documentary; Robert Dunfield's 1965 investigation of Smith's Cove ; Oak Island - Winter 2004; Search for: Blog posts. Smith.

Oak Island Treasure Found? February 24, 2021 Treasure Key

The Curse of Oak Island follows Rick and Marty Lagina in their quest to find the hidden treasure. They have been following clues, but so far they still haven't found the pot of gold. The show has been popular for years, but its popularity was dimmed because of the slow pace. However, we wish to present 13 things you never knew about the series. The Money Pit legend is a myth. Source. Ball quickly found the money pit on his arrival to oak island and began excavating. As he started to dig he realized he was on the cusp of unveiling the true riches the money pit had to offer. The spoil piles were quickly found to contain some of the most elusive and sought after dirt for glass making. The combination of old smelly wood gave the dirt a distinct malleability. Ball then created. The story of the Oak Island Money Pit began way back in the summer of 1795, when a teenager named Daniel McGinnis saw strange lights flickering at night on an island just offshore from his home in.

This 140 acre island is privately owned, and is best known for its supposed buried treasure, especially at a certain spot commonly known as the Money Pit. Since its discovery around the end of the 18th century, a number of theories have been put forward to explain the nature of the legendary treasure in the Money Pit of Oak Island The Money Pit has become such a popular site that the History Channel began running a series on it in 2014 that is now in its seventh season. The Curse of Oak Island follows the Lagina brothers as they search for treasure, with a tab running into millions of dollars. Heck, even Assassin's Creed has touched on it. Theories of Oak Island Money Pit NARRATOR: After a harrowing and near sleepless night on Oak Island, brothers Rick and Marty Lagina, along with their partner, Craig Tester, and Dave Blankenship make their way back to the money pit area. They have come to see if the sinkhole that opened up at the H8 drill site has gotten any worse. MARTY: How bad? RICK: 8 feet deep, about 11 feet across. This fell in last night. Piece just fell right in. It's undermined already. Careful. It is a little dicey on the lip. Yeah, and I'm glad. Could it be that it is related to the burying of a treasure on the island, and to the building of the box drains that feed the flood tunnels that protect the money pit? In order to determine how interesting or significant the find of coconut fiber on Oak Island might be, we first have to see whether it is surprising in the first place The Curse Of Oak Island: Historic Records Reveal New Money Pit Location February 23, 2021, 6:37 PM As the team meticulously uncovers the swamp's stone roadway, they hit on the first signs that it.


Jun 12, 2015 - This is what the swamp looks like now!! #OakIsland The Oak Island Money Pit. Posted on May 5, 2015 by Taraya Galloway. In the late 1700s a teenage boy named Daniel McGinnis explored the inland areas of Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada, and found an unusual depression in the ground. Some reports also say he noticed an old block and tackle hanging from a sawed-off tree limb, just above the dip in the earth. The area was known to have been. McQuiston, like members of the current search team, first became interested in the Oak Island mystery when he read a Reader's Digest article from 1965 that addressed the island's fabled money.

Michigan Man Finds 220 Year Old Hidden Treasure On Oak Islan

In addition to the money pit the rest of the island seems to be loaded with old stone markers of various types. The most peculiar of these are 6 boulders that seem to be laid out in the shape of a cross that is almost 900 feet long. Some wild speculation based on the cross suggest that Oak Island might be home to the long missing Holy Grail, but there is no real solid evidence to support this. The Lagina brothers have been exploring the 140-acre island for years, but they've uncovered fairly little, save for a few artifacts. The focus of much of their searches is to find an entrance to The Money Pit. That's not the 1980s comedy starring Tom Hanks and Shelley Long but rather a shaft dug by early explorers and believed by treasure. Like its name suggests, The Curse of Oak Island is centered around Oak Island, which can be found off of Mahone Bay in Nova Scotia, Canada. To be exact, the reality TV show is centered around the. For 200 years Oak Island kept its secret of the Money Pit. When a museum curator and his assistant decipher a British admiral's diary, the treasure hunt takes a new turn. Dr. Sheldon and his student assistant Lauren search for the real source of the alleged pirate treasure that has eluded treasure hunters for decades. There's never been a shortage of legends and stories surrounding the elusive.

oak island update 2020 mystery finally solved - History pos

  1. Evidence exists to support the Templar's involvement in the Oak Island Money Pit, but to expand this theory further, it would be useful to consider the influence of the Freemasons in this area, as the Templar were a precurser for this select group of individuals. There remains a strong connection to this area with the Knights Templar, whether relative to the treasure or not and further study.
  2. Feb 9, 2014 - Photos taken on Oak Island in July 1987 buy Robert Hotz. Oak Island was open to the public back in the 1980's, Visitors could see the Money Pit, a mysterious hole in the ground which has been baffling treasure hunters for centuries. To this day, no treasure has been recovered from Oak Island but the hunt continues. Fi
  3. The discovery of the Oak Island Money Pit In 1795 at age 16, Daniel McGinnis made his way across to Oak Island on a fishing expedition. Once on the island, he found himself stood in a clearing in front of an old oak tree bearing the marks of unnatural scarring
  4. It could be related to some forging operation, which can also produce small amounts of slag, and which is found in many contexts like 18 th and 19 th century Oak Island. Forging, however, is not often associated with large flow-channels like the one found here. However, some fairly large-scale casting, of lead, for example, could be
  5. Sechs Menschen starben auf Oak Island Bisher haben sie keine Reichtümer auf Oak Island gefunden, aber Hinweise, die viele an einen milliardenschweren Schatz von Konquistadoren, von Piraten aus..
  6. The Money Pit was found in 1795 by a teenager named Daniel McGinnis. He failed to finish what he and his friends started and eventually quit. Eight years later a company by the name of The Onslow Company started where Daniel left off. They found a slab of stone that read Forty feet below, 2,000,000 pounds are buried

The Biggest Finds of the Lagina Brothers on 'The Curse of

Aerial shot showing the location of the Money Pit on Oak Island, NS. Causeway connecting it to the mainland was constructed in 1965. Find this Pin and more on Favorite Conspiracies & Other Odd Storiesby Vicki Archileti. Saved from oakislandmoneypit.com. The Last Great Unsolved Mystery Oak Island Association and Old Gold Salvage Group. Truro company and finding metal pieces True Tales of Buried Treasure, Edward Rowe Snow (1963) Early accounts and the Money Pit. Early accounts and the Money Pit. Deciphering the 90 foot stone. The hidden shaft found by Blankenship. Tracking Oak Island Treasure, Following the Smith Famil England, Scotland and France. The area was discovered by an Italian (English name John Cabot) working for the British and Roman Catholic Church in 1497. So clearly Britain and Rome could and did lay claim to the land. However it was the French Roman Catholics that first actually settled the land in 1605

We've learned some interesting things in the first few episodes of Curse of Oak Island this season. I'll go through the most significant, from my perspective as an archaeologist. Bones A couple of years ago, the Curse of Oak Island (COOI) team recovered 2 fragments of bone from their drilling in the Money Pit area At a length of 867 feet and 720 feet across it has attracted a hoard of theories about its purpose and origin. The central boulder was found underneath the ground, buried! A face like appearance seems to have been carved into its surface, as well as the outline of a sword. This central boulder is sandstone whereas the other boulders are granite Oak Island - Fluch und Legende Sendetermine 28.03.2021 - 25.04.2021 - fernsehserien.de. Serien A-Z. Filme A-Z. Serien- News. alle Meldungen. National. International. Medien. Vermischtes The legend of the money pit is likely a myth The story goes that two teens from Nova Scotia rowed to Oak Island in 1795. They found a tackle block hanging from the large branch of a tree with a..

In actual fact, both the Onslow Syndicate in 1804 and the Oak Island Association in 1862 tunnelled into the Money Pit from the east at about the same depth, ie about 110 feet down, and it was the remains of one or both of those tunnels that was undoubtedly found by the Halifax Syndicate in 1867 and by the Oak Island Treasure Co in 1897 The Oak Island Money Pit in Nova Scotia, shrouded in mystery for hundreds of years VIDEOS Was the Curse of Oak Island treasure found New promises tease big The Curse of Oak Island Review of 'Hyde Park & Seek' Spoilers 'Of Sticks.. A piece of leather was also found, suggested to be from a bookbinding, aiding the theory that the treasure under Oak Island could perhaps be some sort of manuscript The Money Pit in Oak Island has not been found yet but the modern treasure hunters led by Rick and Marty Lagina are determined to unearth the fabled treasures buried there. Thus the hunt will.. Causeway Causeway. Oak Island Oak Island. Eastern Half Of Oak Island Eastern Half Of Oak Island. Eastern Half Of Oak Island Eastern Half Of Oak Island. Eastern End Of Oak Island Eastern End Of Oak Island. Money Pit Money Pit. South Shore South Shore. Eastern Side of Oak Island Eastern Side of Oak Island

Oak Island - Insel der Schatzsucher, Insel der Ruinierten

  1. In 1849, while gold rushers were flocking to California, the Truro Company came to the Money Pit to begin anew. After digging to 86 feet, they awoke to find the pit filled with water. So, they decided to drill down to see whether they could find verifiable evidence that something was buried
  2. It was the year 1795 when young Daniel McGinnis, a lad of 16, rowed to Oak Island in Nova Scotia on a journey of exploration. On the eastern end of the wooded island he found something out of place: an old wooden tackle block suspended from a heavy branch, and on the ground below, a sunken depression
  3. Curse of Oak Island: Treasure-hunters GRIPPED by 'money pit' mystery - with SIX lives lost SIX lie dead, countless more had their lives ruined - and still the priceless pirate treasure lies.
  4. Unbelievable Treasures Found at the Famous Oak Island Money Pit. by Deborah Wainwright #1 A Viking Ship. The numerous plank layers found every 3 meters down the Money Pit, the ship brace, the rest of the shipwreck that could be hiding in the swamp, and the ship spikes scattered all over the island? All of these clues could.
  5. In the Money Pit on Oak Island, a mysterious stone inscription was found: Forty feet below - two million punds are buried. Every company that has tried to locate this treasure has failed. Oak Island is noted as the location of the so-called Money Pit, a site of numerous excavations to recover treasure believed by many to be buried there. However, the pit may have been a sinkhole or some.
  6. We take a look at the similarity between the nine-level Oak Island Money Pit and the Masonic nine-level Royal Arch Degree. Royal Arch Money Pit . My Freemason Talk I spoke to a Freemason Lodge about my theories and the results were very satisfying. Read about it by clicking below. MY FREEMASON TALK. More on Sir William I have found a lot more interesting information of Sir William Alexander.

Photos taken on Oak Island in July 1987 buy Robert Hotz. Oak Island was open to the public back in the 1980's, Visitors could see the Money Pit, a mysterious hole in the ground which has been baffling treasure hunters for centuries. To this day, no treasure has been recovered from Oak Island but the hunt continues This 17th Century Conspiracy Theory May Explain the Oak Island 'Money Pit' many of which have actually been found on the The Curse of Oak Island series, back it up. There's the discovery of. The first searchers to dig up the Oak Island money pit were seeking a treasure buried by pirate Captain Kidd. When researchers eventually proved that he had never been anywhere near Nova Scotia. The Money Pit Mystery and Early Treasure Hunting on Oak Island Oak Island is located off the coast of Nova Scotia near Halifax, in the eastern part of Canada. This 140 acre island is privately owned, and is best known for its supposed buried treasure, especially at a certain spot commonly known as the Money Pit

Oak Island Money Pit - The Last Great Unsolved Myster

This Theory May Explain the 'Curse of Oak Island' Money Pi

These 16 Mysterious Facts About The Knights Templar Will

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  1. The Money Pit on Oak Island is said to be French and naval in style, therefore certain researchers have argued it contains monies from the fort, smuggled out before it fell to the British. 8. British Imperial Treasures. In 1762, British forces besieged and captured the Cuban city of Havana, discovering a large sum of money in the process. With a naval base in Halifax, Nova Scotia, it's been.
  2. In 1897 diggers working in the money pit found a 2-1/2-foot-wide tunnel at 111 feet filled with stone, gravel, and sand, through which seawater flowed. They believed that this was the original pirate flood tunnel. Efforts to block it were, as usual, unsuccessful. Later, while drilling in the pit, searchers found oak and iron at 126 feet, iron at 138 feet, cement (possibly manmade) at 153 feet.
  3. The Pit portion of Oak Island had been designated at lot #18, and in at least one account of the legend it's said that McInnis and friends bought the site from another owner after they discovered the Pit. Thus it's entirely possible someone had previously begun construction of a home or other building on the site and had simply abandoned their work for some unknown reason. This gives us a.
  4. By the time they reached it, they found a circular identation at the Oak Island — the identation is known as the Oak Island Money Pit. So, the Fellowship come to the conclusion that pine tar was used to seal the Money Pit. Oh and Gary Drayton's top pocket find was hailed as a great discovery by the Laginas, and they're certain that there was a lot of industrial activity on the island. 'The.
  5. e many years ago visited oak island and took pictures before Marty and rick got there her name is Connie haven she was also fascinated and talked about it and the possible treasure. I hope that they are able to solve the mystery and fiqure out what really happened on the island and who build the money pit . I also want to order a bottle of wine from Marty's.
  6. Oak Island, Nova Scotia, is home to the longest running and most famous treasure hunt in the world. The treasure hunt began in 1795 with the accidental discovery of the Money Pit. No one knows for sure, what treasure is buried there, and no one knows who buried it. But there are some compelling theories. Some theories suggest that it.

Brothers Discover Ancient 220-Year-Old Treasure On Oak Islan

Oak Island Money Pit - the world's longest running

Oak Island, especially the area surrounding the Money Pit, may be the most extensively studied piece of real estate in North America. Modern researchers have discovered metal buried in several places on the island and speculate there are multiple locations where additional treasure, or artifacts, may be buried. Still, in over two centuries, except for a few tantalizing scraps, no treasure. Who is financing The Curse of Oak Island documentary, and how exactly is the show and the digging paid for? I searched around to find the answer to exactly who is financing The Curse of Oak Island because I was as intrigued as you are right now, and with my newfound knowledge on the show's finances, I decided to clear it out for those without the time or willpower to look that up for themselves

The Curse Of Oak Island 2020 Season Finale - Oak Island

  1. The Oak Island team will not only find more of the ancient slipway, but be searching for the box drains and artifacts — like the 14th century lead cross found two years ago. They will also be.
  2. Fool's Gold: Why There's No Treasure on Oak Island, Part I
  3. 1795, The Year of Discovery - Oak Island Histor
  4. Oak Island (Nova Scotia) - Wikipedi
  5. Inscribed (90 foot) Stone - Oak Island Money Pit Myster
  6. The Curse of Oak Island treasure found? Huge dig under way
  7. Oak Island money pit - RationalWik

Road from Money Pit beneath swamp to - Oak Island Myster

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